I have a sock stuck in a vacuum cleaner?

Using a flashlight, we have determined that the sock is completely blocking the hose. It is stuck about mid-way down the hose. Here is what we have tried:

-sucking it out of the hose with the vacuum it is stuck in
-sucking it out with another vacuum cleaner
-pushing it out with a 2-inch diameter pole
-pulling it out with the end of a fishing pole
-catching it with a hook on the end of a pole
-catching it with duct tape on the end of a pole
-squeezing the tube to push it out

We have removed the bag from the vacuum cleaner. At the point where the hose enters the bag area, there is a 90-degree bend in the hose. We cannot push anything down there.

Cutting the hose is something we REALLY dont want to have to do, because we just got this vacuum cleaner and it actually works.



  1. It happens to me all the time. I take a wire coat hanger,unwind it so its long and make a hook on the end.This always works for me.

  2. try a long wire such as the ones plumber’s use to clear drain ages. or undo a dry cleaner’s cheap hanger, insert it with caution and turn it around in order to catch the sock.

  3. maybe try hanging the hose so it hangs straight, then pour in soapy water untill the hose and sock are completely saturated, if it doesn`t slide down on it`s own, then use a small stiff object to push on it !!!! something small so your not pushing on the whole sock.. 1/4 in. dowling for ex. … good luck.

  4. you vacuum your socks? or is this how you pick them up off of the floor? try a toilet auger/ snake, they are good to have around the house anyways. just don’t try to grab too much of the sock when you do try it. try to just grab the very end and pull, you want to un bunch it as you pull it out. you have probably packed it in there pretty tightly with the pole. good luck, hope this helps.

  5. if you could get a sharp thing to hook thru the fabric then pull it ouy.
    try squeezing the hose where the sock is too move it around.
    squeezing and shaking and trying to poke it with a pole to get it reorientated.
    i wouls say get it wet but i dont know if that would ruin the vaccum or not
    but if u could get it wet then maybe gravity and more pole pushing would cause the extra water weight to pull it ouy

  6. Can you detach the hose without cutting it? Also: Try using a coat hanger with a very small hook bent into the end.. push it up along the side of the hose past the sock, then hook the sock and pull it out. Hope I was of help!

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